15 Projects in 15 Weeks: Northern Neck House (Week 14)

The Northern Neck House is located in Westmoreland County, Virginia, overlooking a quiet inlet of the Potomac River. To create a connection to the waterfront and its wooded surroundings, the design of the house utilizes glass, screened walls, and wood panels that provide privacy for the clients. A screened porch serves as an outdoor gathering space with views of the entire site.
Screened Porch
Open Guest Rooms with View
The two-story house creates an open living arrangement for two, while flexible enough to accommodate several guests comfortably. A large hallway and over sized door openings allow the first floor to function as a large open suite, while telescoping pocket doors on the first and second floors can be closed to create additional guest rooms.
Rear Waterfront Elevation
The wooded two-acre lot dealt with several challenges including site access, topography, existing wetlands, and working with the Chesapeake Bay Act guidelines for setbacks and environmental protection. To minimize environmental impact and maximize energy efficiency, the house was oriented as a result of solar and wind analyses. In addition, design elements such as deep overhangs and passive ventilation were used to create an energy efficient structure.