15 Projects in 15 Weeks: Quarry House (Week 7)

>When a house looks just as beautiful nearly ten years after completed, you know two things. One, the house has a great home owner. And two, there must be a great architect behind the design. The Quarry House is a great example of this.

Driveway through the House on Steeply Sloped Site.

Located on a steeply sloping wooded lot, this house embodies a program that is as unique as its site. The house is tailored to both the work life and social life of the owner, a professional photographer, and has three major components: a bedroom wing, a photography studio with an office, and a spacious living area for entertaining. The composition of the house was driven not only by programmatic requirements, but also by specific site features. Because of both the topography and the wide setbacks on two sides, the lot defied traditional suburban development. The design approach was unconventional and required thoughtful placement of the three main volumes.

Photography Studio

The bedroom wing aligns with an old quarry road to the south, while the photography studio is at an angle parallel to the north property line and is partially nestled in the earth. The glass living room suspended between the two solid pieces commands a view of the street, the woods, and the entire surrounding neighborhood.

Living Room
The Quarry House has won four American Institute of Architect Awards, and has also been published numerous times. Most recently, it was published in Washington Life magazine. For the article and recent photos, see Picture Perfect.