15 Projects in 15 Weeks: The Clayborne (Week 13)

Located at the gateway entry to the City of Alexandria in the south end of the historic district, this mixed-use residential and retail project completes the master plan for an existing retail center.

The Clayborne, in the background, completes a Mixed-Use Neighborhood.
The building occupies the west half of a city block, and was created as a series of discrete structures with varying treatment of mass, scale and architectural detail. Inspired by the urban fabric of Old Town and neighboring garden apartment typologies, a center four-story manor house is flanked by three-story townhouse buildings with porches and intimate garden courtyards to maintain the scale and articulation of the adjacent residential streetscapes.
The building includes 74 apartment units and 2,400 sf of ground floor retail. The varied design of this project retains the retail and restaurant presence of the neighborhood.
New retail space and apartments above merges with the residential side.