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New Year, New Faces

Cunningham | Quill Architects added a number of new people to our team in 2012. This year saw the addition of a senior project architect, three new project designers, a new marketing assistant and the successful return of our co-op intern. With these welcome additions, Cunningham |Quill Architects is looking forward to the New Year with new staff and new, exciting design projects.

Pete Blum

Our newest Project Architect, Pete T. Blum, AIA, joined Cunningham | Quill Architects with over 15 years of experience in higher education, arts, and performing arts. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Art History degree from Dartmouth, and a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Virginia.  Mr. Blum’s vast experience extends throughout the country; working with firms from Albany, New York to Los Angeles, California. He is also a member of the American Institute of Architects, The Society of Architectural Historians, and Construction History Society of America.

David Coxson

Born and raised in Washington, DC, David Coxson’s design approach stresses conceptual clarity and a keen attention to detail to develop a memorable sense of place. Mr. Coxson received his Bachelor of Arts from Colgate University, where he majored in art and art history, and his Master of Architecture from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

Ana Baker

Ana Baker joined Cunningham | Quill Architects in 2012 as a Project Designer after working for three years at architecture firms in both New Mexico and Washington D.C.  She has experience in a variety of building types including: educational, residential, hospitality, corporate, and liturgical design.  Mrs.  Baker received her Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from The Catholic University of America, where she was awarded the Alpha Rho Chi Bronze Medal in Architecture.  She continued her education at the University of Oregon where she received a Masters of Architecture degree. Mrs. Baker brings a passion for sustainable design and is inspired by other cultures through her travels and studies in Europe and Japan.

Allison Gorman

Our third new Project Designer, Allison Gorman, is a Baltimore, Maryland native.  Ms. Gorman received her Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, with a minor in environmental studies, from Washington University in St. Louis.  During the summer, she interned at the Smithsonian Institute’s Office of Exhibits Central, working to develop exhibition concepts, as well as models and graphics.  After spending a semester abroad in Copenhagen, she gained a greater appreciation and depth of knowledge for both interior architecture and furniture design.  Ms. Gorman is excited to approach architecture in Washington D.C. with an eye for detail, while keeping in mind the historic and evolving context.

Carol Vanderbosch

Carol Vanderbosch joined Cunningham | Quill Architects in 2012 as the new Marketing Assistant. Ms. Vanderbosch received her Bachelor of Architecture degree from the School of Architecture at Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York. Studying abroad in London, UK and Florence, Itay, fueled her passion for architecture and exploring each unique surrounding context. After graduation she relocated to DC to experience all facets of architecture in the midst of the growing urban environment.

Theresa Bort

Theresa Bort is a college junior majoring in architecture at the University of Cincinnati in the Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning program. As a part of her program’s Cooperative Education curriculum, she spends every other semester working at an architecture firm.  From a young age Ms. Bort has been involved in fine arts, from painting and sculpture to creating miniscule dioramas using a variety of mediums. She is ecstatic to be back for her second internship at Cunningham | Quill Architects, where her model making and hand drawing skills are frequently put to use.