Phelps Student spends the week at Cunningham | Quill Architects

Phelps Architecture, Construction and Engineering High School is a Charter High School in Washington DC which offers students the opportunity to engage in the world of Architecture through coursework, guest lecturers, and week-long internships.  During the students’ spring break in April, Cunningham|Quill hosted a student through a program called Design in Action, organized by the Washington Architectural Foundation and the DC Chapter of the AIA.
The student’s week was quite busy; he shadowed five different staff members and assisted them with various tasks and projects.  He was already proficient at Google Sketch-up, and worked on his AutoCAD skills during the week.  He was also able to visit a construction site with a team of our staff who were there to learn about copper roof details.  We enjoyed having his help and look forward to participating again next year!

At work at Cunningham | Quill Architects

Student reviews computer model with Project Designer Oksana Ramos

Phelps student at a construction site discussion