2013 Summer Construction Series: Multi-Family/Mixed Use

Summer means construction in Washington, and Summer 2013 found CQA Staff on construction sites throughout the area observing multi-family, mixed-use, and single family projects.  This series of photos captures a few of these in various stages of transformation.

House of Lebanon

Currently under Construction, this Adaptive Reuse project in the Historic Shaw Neighborhood of Washington, DC will transform the former Margaret Murray Washington Vocational High School into 82 affordable apartments for independent seniors.

House of Lebanon-Construction Progress Summer 2013

1. Historic School with 1971 Addition 2. Partial Demo of 1971 Addition 3. Re-cladding of 1971 Addition

The Maples

Located in the Capitol Hill historic district, The Maples was constructed in 1795 and remains one of the oldest homesteads in Washington, DC. The original property, which fronted the Anacostia River, contained a manor house and stable designed by prominent architect William Lovering.

The project will transform the existing grounds, reinforcing the site organization as a pastoral residential village in the heart of the Nation’s Capital.  New row houses extend the adjacent residential housing typology along South Carolina Avenue and create a newly designed visual frame to the historic resource.

The Maples-Construction Progress Summer 2013

(1.) Existing (2.) Formwork in place (3.) Finished concrete

Dumbarton Oaks Fellows Housing

Dumbarton Oaks Fellows Housing adaptively reuses a commercial building in Georgetown Washington, DC into 25 dwelling units for Fellows. Housing will be configured into studio, one bedroom and two bedroom apartments, with multi-use spaces at the upper and lower levels of the building to support fellowship life.

Dumbarton Oaks Fellows Housing - Construction Progress Summer 2013

(1.) Existing Rear (2.) Rear post-demolition (3.) Rear with formwork for concrete stair

Tregaron View, Cleveland Park, Washington, D.C.

This renovation/addition integrates the house with its site.  A new kitchen, family room, and screened porch enjoy beautiful views to the National Historic Landmark Tregaron estate.

Cleveland Park Renovation-Construction Progress Summer 2013

(1.) Existing Rear (2.) Rear addition framing (3.) Completed Rear Addition

Screen Porch Addition

This Screen Porch Addition connected to the the kitchen on the first floor drastically changed the site, providing new high ceilings for a summer breakfast experience that can be enjoyed during the cooler months of the year.

(1.) Existing Rear Deck (2.) Rear addition framed (3.) Completed rear addition

(1.) Existing Rear Deck (2.) Rear addition framed (3.) Completed rear addition

Cleveland Park Renovation & Addition

This is an addition to a prominent Cleveland Park house designed by Waddy Wood and completed in 1897.  We designed an addition to the rear to re-connect this house to its site.

Cleveland Park Renovation-Construction Progress Summer 2013

(1.) Existing Rear (2.) Rear addition framed (3.) Rear addition closed in

Georgetown Renovation

This Georgetown Renovation is a whole house renovation as well as an addition in the rear.  This project focused on transforming the existing home to a more contemporary and minimal design, while still retaining elements critical to the Georgetown neighborhood.

Georgetown Renovation-Construction Progress Summer 2013

(1.) Existing Rear (2.) Steel framed rear addition (3.) Finished rear addition