CQA’s Katie Hartley’s Abstract Paintings Exhibited in NYC

At Cunningham | Quill we foster a creative environment and culture, striving to imbue all aspects of our day-to-day work and projects with imagination, innovation and spirit. We celebrate ingenuity and encourage our team to pursue their own varied creative paths.

Katie Hartley, a recent addition to our team as Administrative Assistant, exemplifies these qualities and we are proud to announce that her work is currently featured in a show entitled “Idiosyncratic Expressions” at Agora Gallery in New York City.

Katie Art - Agora and Flowers copy2

Agora Gallery, Black and White Flowers by Katie Hartley

A talented realist artist, Katie first began experimenting with abstract “impressionistic” style of painting in her final year of college. Drawing from her subconscious, her oil paintings are alive with shapes that swirl, stop and flow, creating unique patterns of vibrant color that draw the viewer into another world. Using layered color, both lights and shadows, her work either features “harmonious combinations of soft pastels” or “churns with rich and earthy abstract shapes.” The variety of her artwork is a reflection of her own subconscious and emotional state, allowing for an organic, honest and unusual combination of color, form and line. Katie’s hope is to “create bold pieces that introduce new ideas and, ultimately, influence change for the better.”

Vases on the Deck - Katie Hartley copy

Vases on the Deck by Katie Hartley

“Idiosyncratic Expressions” will be on exhibit until August 20, 2015 and can also be seen online here. Katie’s work will also be featured in the upcoming Los Angeles based Pancakes and Booze Arts Show at Penn Social in Washington, DC on August 20, 2015. Visit her website to explore more of her beautiful pieces.