Summer Interns Adam Chamy and Patrick Danahy awarded 2015 AIA Maryland Student Award!

The AIA Maryland Student Design Awards Program recognizes excellence in architectural design and promotes architecture in the State of Maryland in collaboration with the academic community. Out of the Sixty-five submissions received, the jury awarded 12 architectural students and student teams. Included in this talented group were two of CQA’s 2015 summer interns: Adam Chamy and Patrick Danahy.

Adam Chamy in collaboration with two teammates, all students at the University of Maryland’s School of Architecture, Panning and Preservation, won a Juror Citation in the category Graduate/Upper Level Design for their Regenerative Urban Ecology project in Baltimore, Maryland. The team was tasked with creating an environmentally sustainable building with a flexible office and research center that “demonstrated a comprehensive knowledge of building systems, structure, and design.” The Jury recognized the team for their ability to demonstrate “impressive analysis relative to the architecture and its place within the environment. Furthermore, this project thoughtfully integrates sustainable concepts that shape the architecture, infrastructure and landscape in a thorough and compelling solution.”

Adam Chamy - Regenerative Urban Ecology - Water Filtration

Diagram of potential sustainable systems.

Patrick Danahy, an undergraduate at Clemson University, won a Juror Citation in the category Undergraduate/Beginning Design for his Woodland Cemetery Visitor’s Center in Clemson, South Carolina. The project called for the creation of a space that allowed reflection for visitors while also blending boundaries between “campus and cemetery” and “past and present.” The project achieves a sensitivity to the experience by designing a space that is “resting and transitional” through three distinct thresholds. The Jury noted that the design “creates an emotional space where the images reflect a peaceful and respectful atmosphere through the use of powerful materiality.”

Patrick Danahy - Woodland Cemetery Visitor Center

Rendering of Interior Perspective during a rain storm. This room becomes activated by rain as the channels allow the rain to penetrate the space through sight and sound.

CQA is very proud of our summer alumni and congratulate them on the amazing work they have achieved.